positive talk with aj


This project started after being contacted by a friend of mines parent (Aileen), who was in need of a website to help herself become more credible and to help potentially gain some extra clients for her therapy service.

Aileen had a particular look/feel that she wanted for the website and to ensure it came across as a happy/feel good design. She didn't want the pages too overcrowded, desired a minimalistic look and wanted some nice images displayed throughout the site.

In terms of content, Aileen wanted the basics such as some background information about herself, a section displaying her credentials, multiple forms of contact such as email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.

The majority of colours and design layouts where requested by Aileen and she was able to show me some examples of what she was aiming for. While working on the project, we maintained communication through many phone calls and text messages throughout each of the stages to make sure Aileen was happy with what I was creating.

Link: https://positivetalkwithaj.co.uk/